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Cognitive Activity: Stacking cups to make structures


At Kid's Palace our primary objectives are based on the concepts of both care giving and teaching. The Nursery School, strives to maintain a healthy, warm, caring and personal atmosphere in which the needs of the child and family can be met. As an environment of learning, we strive to provide developmentally appropriate curriculum's that both exercise and challenge the different areas of development.

Although, all children grow and develop at different rates, there are general sequences throughout the lifespan that certain skills and abilities emerge. With this in mind, our centre has divided the children into small groups. The teacher as "supporters and development", present learning experiences that their particular age group will be developmentally best able to master. From here, they will take their information and relate it to previous experiences and future expectations.

Kid's Palace bases its curriculum strategies and goals on the most widely accepted principals of Early Childhood Education. We believe that children learn best by "doing", and that learning should therefore be active and direct. It is the primary goal of our educators to promote hands-on and developmentally appropriate learning activities derived from the children's interest.

Kid's Palace is a diverse, inclusive , bias-free and multicultural spoken centre!

Health & Nutrition Practices

Our aim at Kid's Palace Nursery School is to help guide your child towards sound food habits that will help maintain a healthy weight and good health in the long term.

Our menus are designed by management and approved by the nutritionist to include nutrient-dense meals created with the freshest ingredients, specifically selected for growing bodies.

Our centre employs a cook who has their Food Handler's Certification to prepare fresh, hot and cold meals throughout the day. We have a Summer/Fall and Winter/Spring menu based on seasonal availability of products. We are a PEANUT FREE CENTRE and outside food is NOT PERMITTED due children with severe allergies.

Click here to see our Summer/Fall menu.

Click here to see our Winter/Spring menu.

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